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Cork Fascia Roll 15cm

Cork Fascia Roll 15cm

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What are fascia rolls?

Fascia rolls or so-called massage rolls are mainly used before sports in the form of warm-up exercises or also after sports for regeneration. They are used in therapy in addition to self-massage with your own body weight. Improve your flexibility by loosening muscle areas and use the roller in a mobile way either at home, on the road or while traveling. 

What exactly are fasciae? Fascia is a fibrous network of tissue that surrounds your muscles, organs and ligaments throughout your body. Muscular pain can often be traced back to tangled fascia. The Kintex cork balls should be used in a supportive way, so that the agglutinated fasciae and the resulting pain can be released. 

Roll yourself fit - at home or on the road

Many athletes nowadays reach for a fascia roll, for example after a strenuous competition or a strenuous workout.

Roll-On: The training roller can withstand heavy loads without any problems and is completely odorless.

Especially at home, the cork roll is ideal as a training and massage device.

With a small expenditure of time and easy exercises you can loosen up your muscles with a self-massage after a hard day at the home office.

Make your everyday life fit and pain-free.

Advantages at a glance

- environmentally friendly + ecological

- odorless

- recyclable

- washable

- disinfectable

- comfortable self-massage at home or on the way

- for selective application

- robust

- light

- dimensionally stable

- handy

- non-slip

- multifunctional use

- also suitable as "stress roller" for stress relief

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