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Peanut 6.5cm x 13.5cm

Peanut 6.5cm x 13.5cm

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What are cork balls?

Massage balls or so-called fascia balls made of cork are a means of self-massage in sports and especially in therapy. In doing so, pressure is exerted against the balls with one's own body weight in order to improve one's own flexibility or also to regenerate the fasciae.

The Kintex Cork Ball Peanut is designed to release tense fascia and muscle tissues in the neck, back, legs, arms as well as the soles of the feet that are stressed on a daily basis. Both before and after workouts, our customers apply the double ball to the affected pain areas to prepare for or just complete sports activities.

The peanut-shaped ball is applied directly to the body and actively rolled up and down.

All of our fascia products are made from 100% natural and sustainable cork.

Features of the indentation:

The characteristic indentation of the Kintex double ball protects the spine from unnecessary strain when rolling out the back. The indentation also results in optimal pressure distribution when using the double ball on the upper and lower leg. The muscle is "framed" and not "flattened". Furthermore, the notch and the shape of the double ball help to massage fascia and muscle tissue selectively. In particular, a massage of the sole of the foot and the short foot muscles, which are particularly stressed during sports and everyday life, is optimally guaranteed by the innovative shape.

Roll yourself fit - at home or on the road

The Peanut Cork Ball is mainly used at home, for example in the home office, as a massage or training device. You can either use it yourself or a partner can help you. The assistant presses the ball in a controlled manner on the trigger points of your painful areas in order to massage them.

Meanwhile, the fascia ball is also part of the basic equipment in sports. Many athletes use the regenerating effect that the cork ball is supposed to have on the stressed muscles after a hard workout.

Integrate our sustainable cork ball Peanut into your everyday life and stay fit and healthy. Relax with the help of self-massage, because just a few minutes of use will provide a good and soothing feeling.

Roll-On: The ball made of cork is handy and light and therefore also ideal to transport. It fits into any backpack or sports bag and is also popular to take along on vacation.

Advantages at a glance

- available in 2 different sizes

- environmentally friendly + ecological

- odorless

- recyclable

- washable

- disinfectable

- comfortable self-massage at home or in the office

- for selective application

- robust

- light

- dimensionally stable

- handy

- non-slip

- multifunctional use

- also suitable as "stress ball" for stress reduction

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